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Do you believe Arizona is the perfect place to build green industries that create broad-based prosperity while preserving our quality of life for future generations? 




Advance Sustainable and Diverse Economic Development in Arizona

We are a portal of information, resources and connectivity aligning companies of all sizes and other community organizations, agencies and municipalities to address the long-overdue need for economic growth in Arizona that is sustainable and environmentally responsible. Our vision for Arizona is diversified, responsible, and strategic growth of our "Green" industries will create a strong state economy that is more resilient and is better shielded from economic downturns. the Arizona Green Chamber of Commerce is your hub for resources to help your business!

How we advance our mission:

Educate businesses on how to become green(er): We provide the education to advance sustainable business practices from cutting edge businesses that utilize green principles and are committed to making our Valley a better place to live.

Publicize Green Businesses: We improve Arizona’s future by promoting our sustainable companies, products, and services.

Advocate and Organize Green Businesses to Impact Public Policy: We support businesses in their efforts to advance their field with unbiased and non-partisan policy information.

Connect Green Businesses with Customers: We open doors and conversations between like-minded professionals, students, and community members.

We are people, businesses and institutions with the belief that we can make a positive and profitable impact in Arizona's communities.  If you share this belief and want to help us leverage our unique and diverse resources to achieve sustainable goals, then join us.

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The Arizona Green Chamber is excited to participate in partnerships for sustainable business practices around the state.

We are actively engaged in a number of key Arizona initiatives and welcome more!  

There is plenty of room to expand opportunities and possibilities in Arizona and we hope you will join us in our quest to be a conduit for resources, best practices and inspiration for sustainable businesses.

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