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    • 11 Oct 2017
    • 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
    • TBD

    Join us for the October 11 Lunch and Learn! 

    Solutions Solutions Solutions!

    This event will be action packed with ideas that you can also use in your organizations!!!!!! We will hear from ASU students about their amazing work to create actions plans for living better, solving problems better and doing business better by planting solution bulbs everywhere!

    Green Light Solutions is a non-profit formed with the chartered purpose statement to create educational opportunities for university students, as well as community and business organizations, by engaging them in applied projects based upon leading sustainability research and practices to create strategic solutions.

    Take a minute to learn more from their website at www.glsolutions.org.

    The Green Light Solutions team in Arizona is dedicated to strengthening their chapter at Arizona State as well as planting GreenLight Solutions “bulbs” on campuses all across the nation to grow a student-led sustainability movement…and they would love your help!

    We will hear about the following:

    1. Build Us Hope:

    Build Us H.O.P.E. is the outreach and development arm for Singleton Community Services. The founders have a history of advocacy on behalf of the homeless, disabled and mentally ill. They also have experience in providing housing and supportive services within this community. Grass-roots initiatives, such as Build Us H.O.P.E., are looking to create communities with a combination of private, corporate and government resources. GreenLight Solutions proposes the following suggestions that allow their company to transcend traditional business practices to one that fits on a platform geared toward healthy, sustainable operations. By applying the GreenLight GuideLines advising engagement process, GLS can advise Build Us H.O.P.E. on how to best adopt and implement sustainable practices, both internally and externally. GreenLight has assisted in sustainable business operation, feasibility of materials evaluated by multiple matrices comparing cost, environmental impact, health, community, maintenance, time, energy,

    and other variables that will impact the sustainability of the project.This semester, GreenLight will also assist in the fundraising and report of available fundraising avenues for Build Us H.O.P.E. to develop and sustain its objective

    2. Event Greening Team

    Formerly the 2 Courtiers Event Greening Team, this project has expanded its reach to help provide an event greening package for events. This package will act as a resource to help insure that events are successful while having minimal impact on our environment.

    3. KO Instruments

    This project offers an opportunity for students to research negative impacts of electrical fires, including fire regimes, carbon footprint, and water usage. Students will also look at the number of fires caused by a 10% failure rate of circuit breakers. Using this information, they will create a marketing agenda for different audiences, and send these different audiences (fire marshalls etc.) surveys. The purpose of exposing the dangers and unsustainable impacts of circuit fires, we hope to help KO instruments in their business' mission of testing and ensuring the safety of circuit breakers

    4. Arcosanti

    Arcosanti is a living laboratory community that focuses on sustainable development. By employing sustainable development, it is crucial that their business operations and day to day living conditions are also sustainable. GreenLight will help Arcosanti through our partnership by working on one or two of their various needs, which include improving their waste and recycling facility's efficiency and repurposing, event planning, improving their business model, web design support, food systems, and looking into susta

    Students Presenting

    Junkee Justin Ahn

    "Junkee is a Sustainability (B.S.) candidate who currently attends School of Sustainability at Arizona State University. He has a strong interest in renewable energy and transferred from UC San Diego, where he was an electrical engineering student, to ASU, where he could focus on sustainable energy, materials & technology. Junkee’s mission as a future sustainability professional is to confront energy inequality and geographical discrimination by bringing easily accessible and ubiquitous net zero energy system with contextual renewable energy technologies and policies. One of Junkee’s specific interests is photovoltaic closed-loop recycling system. Junkee is also interested in sustainability practices in the Korean peninsula. With the intention to join the renewable solar energy industry in East Asia in the future, he volunteered to serve in South Korean military in order to legally maintain the dual citizenship status. Junkee is attending 2017 Solar Power International conference to present a photovoltaic research that he participated as an assistant. He has been an active participant of the conference since 2015. He is currently on ASU Dean’s list for his exceptional academic performance. Immediately after transferring from University of California, San Diego, he was hired by Kimberly-Clark Corporation as a sustainability intern. Junkee established a great relationship with ASU and successfully introduced Kimberly-Clark Professional’s RightCycle glove recycling program to the campus. Starting this fall 2017 semester, more than 20,000 used gloves are expected to be recycled every week instead of ending up in landfills. Junkee is currently on the project One Less Nuclear Power Plant with the city government of Seoul since 2014, when he installed 700W of solar panels and constructed the mini-photovoltaic power plant in his apartment balcony. He is an active solutioneer of GreenLight Solutions and is currently on the project Build Us H.O.P.E – Housing Opportunities Provided for Everyone. Junkee holds a sustainability certificate from University of California, Los Angeles Extension."

    Tanvi Patel: Project Lead, Arcosanti

    Tanvi Patel is a junior at ASU majoring in Sustainability and Supply Chain Management. She is passionate about working with businesses to help them reach their sustainability goals and being a part of Greenlight Solutions has allowed her to do just that. She is currently working with Arcosanti, an experimental urban community, to help them manage their waste and turn into a resource.

    Connor Damaschi: Project Lead, Arcosanti

    Connor Damaschi is a Senior at ASU majoring in Fine Arts. He aspires to be a self employed designer and artist, and is very interested in reality, construction, and sustainable applications. He enjoys building and creating things with raw materials and utilizing natural and/or sustainable materials anywhere from wood to paint pigments to concrete. He is also very passionate about protecting our environment, biodiversity, and our food/water/air systems. His goal in creating art or designing a product always has sustainability and issues like climate change and nature in mind and he hopes to bring light to as well as tackle these issues.

    If you have questions about this event or future events, please contact Tammy Bosse, Lunch and Learn Series Chair, at 602-697-0003 or TammyBosse@BossProperties.com

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