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Board Member Profiles

Dr. George B. Brooks, Jr. Ph.D: President

Dr. George Benjamin Brooks Jr. holds an earned Ph.D., in Wildlife and Fisheries from the School of Renewable Natural Resources at the University of Arizona and is an established social, environmental, economic and political leader and business consultant. 
A powerful public speaker he is an award winning writer and editor with a number of scientific and popular publications including two of Phoenix’s first sustainability focused magazines, Southwest Green and NxT Horizon.

As a graduate student in the 1980’s, Dr. Brooks was part of the first class of Ebony Magazine’s 30 Under 30 series and has been quoted in Black Enterprise magazine for his knowledge of the new green economy. More than 300,000 people have seen his recent “Grandma was Green” video. He is the co-founder of RighTrac a company focusing on the urban aquaculture of tilapia (fish), vegetables, fruit and giant freshwater prawns and he is a frequent writer and contributor to the Arizona Republic Newspaper on issues including green jobs, water, diversity and community awareness. He was the first Executive Director of the Arizona Commission on African American Affairs for Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano the current president of the University of California system. He was an active member of the Board of Directors of the Greater Phoenix Black Chamber of Commerce and Chair of the Board of Directors for the Southminster Social Service Agency. A member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., he is a former member of the Governing Board of Arizona’s largest high school district, Phoenix Union. He is also a former member of the Board of Directors for the Central Arizona Project, the organization that provides water from the Colorado River to Central Arizona. He currently is Vice Chair of the South Mountain Village Planning Committee part of the Phoenix Planning Commission and is a Vice Chair of the Plan Phoenix Committee that is writing the new City of Phoenix General Plan. Through RighTrac Inc., he is currently working in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Mesa Community College and the Roosevelt School District to implement a environmental education grant that will: teach S.T.E.M., create new local economies, improve family wellness teach environmental stewardship and revitalize neighborhoods in South Phoenix and Mesa Arizona.

A visionary, thinker and doer, his mission is to harness the power of sustainability to solve real world problems.

Tammy Bosse: Co-Vice President

Boss Properties

Tammy Bosse is Owner & Designated Broker of Boss Properties, based in Scottsdale. Tammy is the first REALTOR in Arizona to become a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor and is a National Association of Realtors GREEN designee. She serves on the Green Chamber Greater Phoenix Board of Directors and Public Policy Committee. She also serves on the United States Green Building Council Residential Green Building Committee. She is a Graduate of Scottsdale Leadership and Valley Leadership, where she has served in various capacities over the years. She stays engaged with neighborhood and community initiatives that she feels make a difference in the Valley. Tammy is passionate about working towards making sustainable building practices and community development become the norm instead of the exception. She is working to integrate green practices into the real estate acquisition process. She has a strong passion for helping people embrace eco-friendly choices and encouraging business embrace green principles as a better and more profitable way of conducting business.

Jennifer Johnson: Co-Vice President

Witnessing Nature

Chef Jennifer Johnson owner of Witnessing Nature in Food, a Full-Service Organic Catering Company joins the Arizona Green Chamber Board of Directors. I've been an active member since 2016 and the board in August of 2018. I've had a lifelong commitment to supporting eco-conscious chemical free living since growing up in St Louis Michigan experiencing the impact of the chemical dumping - causing the water table to be polluted and the Pine River and eco system to be destroyed. I remember the impact of dairy farmers losing their stock due to contamination, going to Canada for fresh milk and powdered milk when we couldn't, the dead fish smell emanating from the tap water and following the progress of the EPA, 40 years for the Superfund to start the clean-up in 2017.

I am a proud mother, member of Local First Member, Gold Member of Phoenix Green Business Partners, and City of Scottsdale Environmental Quality Award 2018 Winner. I bring a passion for helping people experience "Health is Wealth" through Organic Good Food to Love with a Focus on Flavor, Taste and Planet. Teaching others easy and inexpensive ways to live a healthier chemical free life while showing my passion for a sustainable planet for our future generations.

My passion for Local/Seasonal Food, Solar, Hydroponics, Upcycle, Recycle, Reuse, Composting, Donation, Community Involvement and Landfill Diversion drives the Witnessing Nature In Food values of Quality, Customer Service, Successful & Sustainable, Environment/Zero Water/Farm Fresh/Local Sourcing and Social Responsibility in our Communities. I Teach/Consult Healthy Living on A Budget @ A New Leaf, donates extra food to the oldest Day Care in Phoenix, Phoenix Day/A New Leaf, and promotes the Arts being on the Advisory Board of the Scottsdale Philharmonic.

For more information please contact Chef Jennifer @ Jennifer@WitnessingNature.net

Ryan Johnson

Ryan Johnson is the executive director of executive and professional programs in the School of Sustainability at ASU – the first degree-granting school of sustainability in the U.S. In this role, Ryan helps private, public and nonprofit organizations meet their sustainability goals through custom education and training programs.

Prior to joining ASU, Ryan was Vice President at Arizona-based WorldatWork, an organization that delivers HR trainings to professionals worldwide. Ryan began his career on the staff of the U.S. House of Representatives’ Committee on Small Business. After graduate school at ASU, Ryan spent seven years at ASU’s Morrison Institute for Public Policy. He has also been a consultant with the Washington DC-based Institute for Strategy Development (ISD) and with Creative Healthcare Solutions (CHS), of Columbus, Ohio.

Ryan has authored or co-authored more than three dozen of articles and research reports, and several books during his career. He has also been an active professional and community leader, both in Arizona and nationally. Among other boards, he is the past chair of the non-profit Association Media and Publishing (AM&P), and the Arizona Governor’s Commission on Service and Volunteerism.

Tim Owens

Tim is the Executive VP, Director of Licensing and Systems Integration for MQ Corporation, manufacturers of Solar Liquid Power a innovative and nanoscale liquid solar coating that can be laid down on any substrate and outperforms solar PV panes for half the cost!  He is working with MQ principals to help develop a global market for this innovative and disruptive solar coating that delivers two and a half times more power - 40Wp/SqFt, than current Solar PV modules -13-18Wp/SqFt and can collect light energy from 360 degrees.

Tim is passionate about renewable energy going back to 1982 with Arco Solar/Photocom, now Kyocera Solar!  He shares his passion for renewables with Sustainable Green Building Practices as a Master’s graduate of the Sustainable Building Advisory Institute!  

Tim is a 5th generation Arizona native going back to 1892 with grandparents coming from Scotland.  He left Arizona to return again in 1980 and has been here ever since,  is single with family here in Arizona and up in the North West!  Tim is also an accomplished event producer and spent years honing his skills in event sales & marketing, largest event being the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City!

Tim is working with the Arizona Green Chamber to help develop new events, sponsor resources and member benefits.  

Telpriore Gregory Tucker, Ph.D.

Dr. T. Greg Tucker earned his Doctor of Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at Arizona State University. Presently, he is a Research Associate in the School of Molecular Sciences there. His focus is the chemical synthesis and electrochemical testing of ionic liquids, molten salts, and plastic crystals for ion conduction in device applications such as lithium-ion batteries and hydrogen-oxygen fuel cells. He is a contributing inventor with the Angell lab group on multiple patents and publications.

Greg has always been fascinated the innovation of vehicles for travelling purposes, personally using public transportation, and he himself an avid bike rider. As a doctoral student he began buying, rebuilding, and selling old electric bikes (e-bikes) in the garage of his home. Besides the potential global impact of his lab research he has a sense of duty to make an immediate impact within his local community such as in his downtown Phoenix neighborhood when serving on the Eastlake-Garfield Steering Committee by providing input for sustainable living.

Dr. T not only impacted his local community, yet also inspired fellow Phoenicians within the Metro Valley, throughout the state, and from coast-to-coast to travel “green” by riding electric bikes. He launched a venture, U.S. Battery Bike Co., LLC, selling electric bikes plus providing sustainable travel solutions for commuting, running errands, and recreational activities thus enabling everyday people to realize that they themselves could instantaneously benefit from electric transportation.

For his local efforts throughout the Metro Valley, Dr. Tucker was recognized with a certificate of appreciation for his STEM education and electric bike awareness by the City of Phoenix signed by the mayor and later awarded Small Business-of-the-Year in Legislative District #27 of downtown and central Phoenix by the AZ House of Representatives.

For more information please contact Dr. T. Greg Tucker at tucker@stemchemist.com

Jim Buster

Southwest Resource Strategies

Jim Buster has extensive contacts in the environmental, government and business communities. He has served as a city councilman, mayor, county supervisor and state senator. As a state senator he chaired the Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment committee. In that capacity he dealt with water and environmental legislation. He sponsored and successfully navigated several major pieces of natural resource/water legislation through the process. After Jim left the legislature he served as the director of legislative affairs for the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality for almost 14 years.

Currently Jim manages Southwest Resource Strategies. In this capacity he represents organizations and businesses of an environmental nature. During his time as a city councilman Jim served as the vice-chair of the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association. He currently serves as the president of the Arizona State Parks Foundation and chairs the policy committee for the Arizona Green Chamber of Commerce.

Mikele Keiffer


Mikele joins the board with a passion for enhancing partnerships, student engagement, outreach, education, and community awareness. With her BA in Global Studies and Sustainability, Mikele is excited to foster relationships in the community that enhance sustainable business and personal practices. She believes that creating partnerships with the community is crucial to success. Enhancing our connections with various municipalities creates a platform to highlight sustainable issues and collaborate. These relationships will broaden community awareness of The Green Chamber and strengthen its community.

Ryan Papez

UBS Financial Services, Inc.

Ryan joins the Arizona Green Chamber Board with a belief that making our personal lives and business practices more sustainable and efficient will ultimately better our environment and the people connected through the community. He believes that expanding the existing membership base is instrumental to the organization's success and impact. Engaging the larger Arizona audience will be critical to the mission.

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